Natural Raw Pecans
  • Natural Mammoth Halves Bag

    4.9 star rating
    Priester's fresh crop special pecans will make the perfect gift for business associates, friends and neighbors....
  • $34.99–$132.99
    A fresh crop of in-the-shell pecans is picked, cleaned and bagged by grove professionals. We pack 5 full pounds of...
  • $48.99
    Priester's Large Natural "Raw" Pecan Pieces are perfect for all of your recipes. Keep a supply in your freezer to use...
  • Large Pecan Pieces Bag

    5 star rating
    Priester's pound of Pecan pieces are just right for baking. Choose from Priester's Pecan Pieces, Large Pecan Pieces,...
  • $28.99–$443.99
    These Natural Pecans in a Tub are are not only fresh and delicious, they're also good for you!  
  • $16.99
    Our Jr. Mammoth Halves aka, "Elliotts" are known for their stocky, plump size, sweet flavor and high oil content....
  • $33.99–$359.99
    The holidays are the perfect time to go big, so we've packaged our Extra Special Super Mammoth Pecan Halves in a...
  • Medium Pecan Pieces Bag

    5 star rating
    Priester's pound of Pecan pieces are just right for baking. Choose from Priester's Pecan Pieces, Large Pecan Pieces,...
  • New!

    Natural Pecan Crumbs Bag

    5 star rating
    We blend 1/3 pecan meal, 1/3 fine pecan pieces, and 1/3 extra small pecan pieces to create our Priester's Pecan...
  • $24.99–$34.99
    Want more of a good thing? Our economy-sized Priester's pecan items are bulk packaged in clear, stay-fresh bags...
  • $48.99
    Priester's pound of Medium pecan pieces are just right for baking. Make sure to fill your holiday recipes with cups...
  • $48.99
    Using the small pieces means no chopping required! These fresh from the farm small pecan pieces are just the right...
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While different flavors and candy coatings are fun, sometimes pecans are best enjoyed the all-natural way. Explore our wide selection of raw pecans to satisfy your cravings for a traditional (and nutritious) Southern treat. If you don't live down South, it can be hard to find "raw pecans near me" in the search bar. Instead, we've made it easy -- just a few clicks through our website and they'll be on the way to your front doorstep, fresh and ready to eat!

Purchase a small gift tin or tub, or buy in bulk with a 30 lb. box. No matter how you plan to prepare them, we have you covered with shelled pecans in a variety of sizes and quantities. They're perfect for baking as an ingredient in a delicious holiday dessert or just grabbing a handful to munch on. When Thanksgiving and Christmas come around, entertain your guests with a gluten-free snack they won't forget. In the unlikely event you have any leftovers, store them in your freezer to enjoy them all year long!

Looking for a healthier snack than chips? Pecans are a great option! The calories in raw pecans are quite low. Not only will you be enjoying a delicious treat when you eat our pecans -- small pecans, mammoth halves, you name it -- they are also good for you. Add them into a sweet homemade dessert to play off pecan's natural sweetness and add some crunch, or use them to build a healthy daily diet.

Natural raw pecans in all shapes and sizes, shelled and not, are a must-try -- order some today. You can choose a large bag or small, crushed or whole, candied or plain, pick your favorite, and they will be at your doorstep in no time!