24 Count Box- Divinity

SKU: 830
24 - 2 oz. pks.
Divinity is a classic Southern candy and Priester's Pecan Divinity is a customer favorite! This is sure to please any divinity fan.


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mmmmmmmmmm good!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 24, 2018  |  By eddie johnston
very good candy, everyone loves it, thanks !!!!

Jan 14, 2018  |  By linda engberg
Priester's makes the best divinity and pralines i've had the pleasure to experience, and they remain consistent. You have no idea how these candies enrich the holidays... for me and a select few.

Best divinity ever
Nov 16, 2017  |  By Madeline
Very delicious divinity. Lots more pecans than others. This 24 count comes with 2 pieces a package and since they are wrapped that way you can keep for a much longer time (if you have the will power). If you love divinity, you will not be disappointed.

Good Divinity
Aug 29, 2017  |  By Michael Groman
I've tried many commercially produced divinity candies, and Priester's comes closest to the homemade kind I love. In comparison to that, I give it 4 stars, but compared to other store-bought varieties, it rates better.

Divine Divinity
Jun 12, 2017  |  By mike chumbler
Some of the best I've put in my mouth

Divine Divinity
Dec 13, 2016  |  By Meegan Fixler
The best candy store Divinity that I've tried! Pretty close to what my mother and grandmother used to make!!

Jun 17, 2016  |  By Meegan Fixler
After searching for years for divinity that came close to my grandmother's and my mother's divinity, I finally found it!

Dec 25, 2015  |  By Miles Flynt
All I ordered was Awesome!