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Priester's Pecans has been providing top quality gourmet products to groups like yours over 75 years. Our #1 Goal is to make sure your fundraiser with our product is the best fundraiser your group will ever do.

Our ordering process is user-friendly, fast & efficient. We have organized our fundraising program into as few steps as possible, so you can spend more time raising funds and less time with forms and paperwork. Priester's makes it easy with our "No Hassle Fundraising Program". Fundraising has never been easier, more fun, or as profitable.

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The Advantages of Priester's Fundraising Program:

  • Pecans are versatile... you can use them as ingredients to cook and bake with, as a snack item, as a topping on desserts, ice cream and breakfast foods
  • Pecans last... unlike fruit or other perishable food items, if stored in the proper environment pecans can be kept a year or longer.
  • Pecans are affordable to the consumer and profitable to the fundraiser
  • Priester's name recognition is second to none
  • Priester's 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Priester's products are gourmet quality... made with only the freshest pecans and finest ingredients
  • Pecan's are healthy... #1 for antioxidants among all nuts, protects against unhealthy oxidants, a handful of pecans a day can help lower cholesterol, and so much more...

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Satisfied Customers Said:

"Priester's pecans sell like hotcakes! We have been very pleased with your pecans for thirty or more years. They are always so fresh and good."
Florence Wolking, Windswept Garden Club
Merritt Island, FL

"We have purchased our fundraiser pecans from Priester's since 1998. The quality and price of the pecans is excellent and we do extremely well selling the product. In fact, we have standing orders!"
Pilot Club of Ocala
Ocala, FL

"We think Priester's fundraiser pecans are great. We already have people calling us for orders. The quality is wonderful, I don't have anthing to say but wonderful! Last year we made the contacts to sell, this year they're calling us wondering when we will have the pecans again."
Sable Losack, Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Huntsville, TX

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