Pecan Pies
  • Old-Fashioned Pecan Pies

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    Our Old-Fashioned Pecan Pies are a timeless dessert that embodies the essence of Southern cooking. Made with love...
  • Mini Pecan Pies

    4.9 star rating
    Mini pecan pies boast the same irresistible taste as our standard-sized pies in a smaller crust. Light appetite?...
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie

    4.8 star rating
    For a different spin on our old-fashioned pecan pie... 
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    Want more of a good thing? Our economy-sized Priester's candy and pecan items are bulk packaged in clear, stay-fresh...

It all starts with Grandma's famous recipe -- you know, that one that takes you back to the most wonderful sunny afternoons in her kitchen. We combine the loving care from Priester's best bakers with only the finest fresh ingredients to create our outstanding pecan pies.

Piles of our famous scrumptious crunchy pecans, fresh eggs, and delectably sweet syrup are baked into a flaky, tasty crust that's perfected for everyone's enjoyment. You'll get the best Southern pecan pies delivered to your door, as fresh and beautiful as the day they were made.

Priester's is the best place to buy pecan pie. With the finest nuts and desserts since 1935, our Southern baked goods never disappoint. Our long history in the baked good business, and our desire to please all of our customers, mean you're sure to always receive top-notch products. They're great as gifts, too!

From savory, classic mini pecan pies with the perfect crunchy pecan filling and soft crust to sweet, delectable chocolate pecan pies full of pure milk chocolate chunks, check out all of our options and order your pecan pie online today. Snack on a mini pecan pie by yourself or share the deliciousness of Priester's Pecans products with an old fashioned pecan pie that can feed the whole family.

Whether you're looking for some Southern comfort on your own or looking for the best dish to bring to a friend's potluck or a family holiday, we are here to help. Let us bring the taste of homemade baked goods to your next celebration and share the deliciousness of Southern delicacies with your loved ones. But, if you want to take the credit, your secret is safe with us! Just make sure to come back for more.