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    We blend 1/3 pecan meal, 1/3 fine pecan pieces, and 1/3 midget pecan pieces to create our Priester's Pecan Crumbs...
  • $25.99–$357.99
    These Natural Pecans in a Tub are are not only fresh and delicious, they're also good for you!  
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    Lemon Crisp Pecans

    5 star rating
    Lemon Crisp Flavored Pecans Our candy kitchen experts have just created a brilliant new lemon flavor t... 
  • Honey Glazed Pecans Bag

    5 star rating
    Our honey-glazed pecans make a delicious addictive treat that's perfect for gifting and sharing (or keeping all to...
  • Key Lime Pecans Bag

    5 star rating
    Add zest to your snacking with our Key Lime Pecans. Our fresh pecans are covered in sugar and a twist of key lime for...
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    Mammoth Pecan Pieces

    5 star rating
    These Mammoth pecan pieces are ready to be baked into pecan pies or butter pecan cookies, tossed over a salad, or...
  • $17.99–$44.99
    Enjoy the rich taste of Mammoth pecans, enhanced by roasting and lightly salting to perfection. Packaged in a...
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    Medium Pecan Pieces Bag

    5 star rating
    Priester's pound of Pecan pieces are just right for baking. Choose from Priester's Pecan Pieces, Large Pecan Pieces,...
  • $48.99
    Using the small pieces means no chopping required! These fresh from the farm small pecan pieces are just the right...
  • $15.99–$29.99
    Our honey-glazed mammoth pieces of pecans are perfect for gifting, sharing, or keeping all to yourself. Enjoy the...
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    These sweet and delicious, honey-glazed pecans add a delicious touch to any snack, meal, or baking project! You'll...
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    These honey glazed pecan pieces add a sweet and crunchy touch to any meal. Fantastic as a topping for ice cream...
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