Custom Gifts
Personalize Your Gift!
We can customize corporate gifts just for you. From custom tins, to custom stickers on standard tins, we have options to meet any timeline or budget. Be sure to order early to allow time for customization.

Give it a Personal Touch
We can enclose your business card, personalized greeting cards or letters, or even additional branded gift items in each gift box.

Create the Perfect Gift
Talk to our Corporate Gifts Specialists about our custom gift options. We can create special packages with your favorite Priester's Pecans nuts and candies, and enclose business cards, gift cards, or other branded items to add a special touch to your corporate gifts.

We'll make it easy to get just the right gift at just the right budget for your whole client list with our Corporate Gifts Program. For custom corporate gifts contact our corporate gifting expert Felisha or give us a call at 1-866-477-4736 if you have any questions!