1 Pound Bags
  • Natural Mammoth Halves Bag

    4.9 star rating
    Priester's fresh crop special pecans will make the perfect gift for business associates, friends and neighbors....
  • Pecan Gift Pack

    5 star rating
    Sure to be received with great appreciation, our Roasted & Salted Pecan Halves, White Chocolate Covered Pecan Halves,...
  • On Sale!
    $17.99 $13.49
    Our honey and cinnamon glazed candied pecans are perfect treat for the holidays. Delicious and perfect for snacking...
  • $18.99–$50.99
    Enjoy the rich taste of Mammoth pecans, enhanced by roasting and lightly salting to perfection. Packaged in a...
  • Honey Glazed Pecans Bag

    5 star rating
    Our honey-glazed pecans make a deliciously addictive treat that's perfect for gifting and sharing! The warm, sweet...
  • Praline Pecans Bag

    4.9 star rating
    Our Praline Pecans are deliciously crunchy and sugary. Easy to snack on, praline pecans make a sweet treat any time...
  • Medium Pecan Pieces Bag

    5 star rating
    Priester's pound of Pecan pieces are just right for baking. Choose from Priester's Pecan Pieces, Large Pecan Pieces,...
  • $16.99
    Our delicious milk chocolate pecans are carefully made with pure milk chocolate and then packaged in Priester's...
  • Large Pecan Pieces Bag

    5 star rating
    Priester's pound of Pecan pieces are just right for baking. Choose from Priester's Pecan Pieces, Large Pecan Pieces,...
  • $9.99
    Extra Small Pecan Pieces are mini pieces of the pecan and are great toppers for salads, breads, cakes and more!...
  • On Sale!

    Fine Pecan Pieces Bag

    4.8 star rating
    $9.99 $7.49
  • Cinnamon Pecans Bag

    5 star rating
    Our Cinnamon Pecans make the perfect toasty, sweet snack. They are ideal for sharing and gifting any time of the...
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Find one-pound bags to five-pound boxes of fresh pecans that are great for when you need tasty Southern ingredients for your latest baking creation and so much more. Fit to feed one person or everyone you love, these different bag options are a must-bring for your next event.

One-pound bags are a simple way to stock up on your favorite pecans as a snack or as a secret ingredient for your baked goods. Enjoy a great value by ordering our famous Southern pecans in bulk quantities. With our array of pecan bags options, you are sure to please everyone.

Choose from roasted and salted pecan halves, natural mammoth pecan halves, and other delicious options. Or you can satisfy your sweet tooth with milk chocolate pecans, cinnamon pecans, praline pecans, honey-glazed pecans, and pecan divinity. Try one of the honey-glazed pecans recipes like our Stovetop Candied Pecans. The warm, sweet honey flavor blends with the crunchy nuttiness of the pecans for a flavorful snack!

Our pecans bags and boxes also make thoughtful gifts your loved ones will appreciate on birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Our bags come in resealable containers to keep them perfectly fresh. Eat them on their own, or serve them atop salads or scoops of ice cream. You and your loved ones won't be disappointed!

Whether you're baking or looking for a quick snack or topping, our small pecan pieces bag is the perfect option. If you want a bigger nut option, our mammoth halves bag is just what you need! Looking for something sweet? Pecan divinity is such a divine Southern treat! We offer a pecan divinity bag that you can keep for yourself or share with others. Our praline pecan bag is another sweet choice -- the rich confection flavor will have you wanting more!