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    Crunchy Praline Morsels

    4.9 star rating
    $12.99 $8.25
    Priester's Crunchy Praline Morsels are deliciously crunchy and sweet. This homemade praline crumble is a truly...
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    Pecan Fiddlesticks

    5 star rating
    Pecan Fiddlesticks item are three of the world's favorite flavors - pure milk chocolate, homemade caramel, and fresh...
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    $15.99 $8.99
    These farm-fresh pecan pieces are perfectly roasted and lightly salted and make for a great flavorful snack or use...
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    Small Pecan Pieces Bag

    5 star rating
    $13.99 $9.79
    These small pecan pieces are ready to use in your recipes! Farm fresh and delicious in all types of dishes. Packed in...
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    $12.99 $9.00
    Southern Flavor's Garlic Seasoning is a special blend of the world's most popular seasonings. This seasoning can be...
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    Send your gratitude anywhere in the world with Priester's "World of Thanks" Gift Tub! It's filled with natural pecan...