5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Corporate Gift Basket

If you're looking to give a great corporate holiday gift, look no further than Priester's Pecans corporate gift baskets. Our baskets are full of nuts and Southern treats that all recipients are sure to love. Whether you are sending the gift to a client, a collaboration team, your own employees, or another business partner, we have a wide array of gift options appropriate for all. Here are some tips to help you select the best corporate gift basket for this holiday season.

  1. Consider how many corporate gift baskets you plan to send and your budget for each.

    Before you start picking out gifts, take stock of how many you will be sending out and what your budget can handle. You can adjust this per recipient as well. If you have a particularly special client who is celebrating an anniversary of working with you, send them the Home For The Holidays Grand Gift Basket to make it an event! On the other hand, maybe you have many people you need to send gifts to. Consider our Snack Pack Box, which you can buy in a bulk case of 6 at a discounted price so you can ship lots of delicious pecan treats.

  2. Think about the amount of people that will be receiving the basket.

    Before you send out your gifts, consider how many people will be choosing snacks from that corporate gift basket. If the recipient is in a smaller office or even a solo worker, send a small, curated selection, like the Oh Christmas Tree Gift Tin that contains 12 oz. of assorted treats. On the other hand, a larger office will need more to go around! They're sure to love the Southern Greetings Sampler Box, which contains over two pounds of treats!

  3. Decide if you want to send one product or an assortment.

    At Priester's Pecans, we are known for our nuts. Our pecans have been raved about since 1935! Give the gift of our prized pecans with The Pecan Grove Roas'Tin, which comes in a smaller 1 lb. 4oz. size and a larger 2 lb. 8 oz. size to satisfy any size office. You can also send an assortment of pecan goodness with the Priester's Favorites Sampler, which includes six different treats for your recipients to try.

  4. Choose nuts or candies -- or both!

    Do you prefer the pure deliciousness of roasted pecans or the sweet and crunchy taste of pecan candy? The good news is that you don't have to choose just one! One of our favorite corporate gift baskets is the Sweet Southern Gift Basket, which gives recipients the chance to try our roasted or chocolate-covered pecans right alongside our yummy Southern snacks like divinity and fiddlesticks. An extra benefit of this corporate gift basket is that each item is individually wrapped for easy distribution.

  5. Give your gifts a personal touch.

    Make your corporate gift baskets your own with personalized greeting cards, custom printed tins, and more. Our corporate gift specialists are here to help you make the most of your corporate gifting program this holiday season. Visit our corporate gifts page to learn more, or contact our staff directly at 1-866-477-4736.