9 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You

Chocolate is one of those simple pleasures in life -- a delicious treat after a long day or a mid-study snack to help keep your brain awake. The smooth, sweet taste of chocolate, no matter white, milk, or dark, is undeniably delicious.

While chocolate may seem like a treat, there are a number of health benefits, too! Interestingly, the different types of chocolate have different health benefits based on how much cocoa (or how little) there is in the different types. Lucky for you, you can try all three types of chocolate from us at Priester's!

Before we discuss the specific benefits of the different types of chocolate, here is a bit more on the overall health benefits of chocolate itself. Given the flavanols in chocolate, such as epicatechin and catechin (which in short are types of compounds that are natural and found in plants, like cacao), there are a number of natural health gains. These include less inflammation, boosted immunity, improved brain function, and increased cardiovascular support.

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

The healthiest chocolate on the list is dark chocolate. Made from a higher concentration of cocoa, this form of chocolate is the richest and most intense chocolate of them all.

First, dark chocolate is inherently nutritious. With the high levels of flavonols in dark chocolate, you are getting much-needed fiber with every bite. Additionally, you can find a number of other minerals for benefits, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper.

The second health benefit of dark chocolate is that it is a high source of antioxidants. While the term 'antioxidants' is thrown around quite often, they are truly beneficial! Antioxidants can help to prevent or slow cell damage.

Improved blood flow and lower blood pressure are the third health benefit of dark chocolate. The flavanols in the chocolate create nitric oxide. This colorless gas allows blood vessels to relax, thus lower blood pressure. So, when you feel relaxed after eating some chocolate, know it's not all in your mind!

Dark chocolate also raises HDL, known as high-density lipoprotein. HDL is a complex particle made up of proteins that allows for the transportation of fat molecules to different parts of the body and within the water that surrounds the outside of cells. This helps lessen the likelihood of LDL (low-density lipoprotein). Overall, this is very beneficial for the health of your body.

Amazingly, it has been shown in a study by Clinical Nutrition that dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by 57%! Dark chocolate helps reduce the risk of heart disease because the cacao beans, where chocolate comes from, are high in zinc and iron. These two elements work together to keep the human heart strong.

The last two benefits of dark chocolate include the protection of the skin from the sun from the elements in cocoa, as well as the improvement of brain function because of increased blood flow.

Overall, dark chocolate is incredibly beneficial to snack on. Shop all of Priester's dark chocolate items here, and start reaping the benefits today!

Milk Chocolate Health Benefits

Milk chocolate is a bit different from dark chocolate. Since it is made with milk, as stated in its name, there is lots of calcium -- another health benefit of chocolate! It also includes potassium, which is essential for the body because it helps regulate the amount of fluid in the cells.

Additionally, you can find other smaller but also important elements in milk chocolate such as iron, zinc, and Vitamins A and K. These elements help with carrying oxygen around the body, cell growth, cell division/immunity, and blood clotting. You can find a number of delicious milk chocolate items on our website, such as our beloved Chocolate Pecan Pie.

White Chocolate Health Benefits

With a different form of cocoa, white chocolate has a more unique health benefit than the above dark and milk chocolates. White chocolate has cocoa butter, which is a great source of antioxidants!

The ninth and final health benefit on this list is the removal of toxins from the body. This is due to the increased flexibility of white blood cell movement in one's body that helps to lessen the clogging of arteries.

Interested in adding white chocolate to your health regime? Check out our white chocolate options, such as the white chocolate pecans you can find in this Sweet Little Southern Gift Basket. Boost your immunity today!