Say "I Love You" With Candy And Chocolate From Priester's This Valentine's Day

Show your sweetheart just how much you love them this year with a special Valentine's Day treat lovingly homemade in the South. This unmistakable taste truly says you care. Choose from specially themed Valentine's Day gift tins full of assorted candies, nuts, and treats, or pick out a few year-round favorites for the perfect complement to a bouquet of roses. They say the way to a person's heart is through their taste buds, and we couldn't agree more! Read on for some of our favorite ways to show your love with Priester's Pecans sweets and treats.

Valentine's Day Gift Tins

We know Valentine's Day is special to so many folks, which is why we've lovingly curated a number of collectible gift tins sure to make the perfect present. Each tin is full of over 1lb of sweet & salty, ooey-gooey, mouthwatering Southern sweets and snacks that will win the heart of the one you love.

Send a Valentine's Day gift for him with our "Loads of Love" Valentine's Day Gift Tin featuring a picture of a sweet classic farm truck pulling up with tons of heart-shaped balloons. This tin opens to reveal a hand-picked assortment of White Chocolate Pecans, Milk Chocolate Pecans, Honey Glazed Pecans, Pecan Clusters, Old Fashioned Divinity, and our famous Pecan Fiddlesticks.

Treat your honey to something sweet with a Valentine's Day gift for her by selecting our "My Sweetheart" Valentine's Day Gift Tin. This tin has a beautiful floral watercolor illustration on the outside, and the inside is full of delicious treats including chocolate-covered pecans, pecan clusters, and some tasty Southern classics.

For something bespoke and beautiful, gift a little extra love with our tasteful and tasty "Be Mine" Valentine's Day Gift Box featuring a gift-wrapped motif packed with Milk Chocolate Pecans, Honey Glazed Pecans, Pecan Fiddlesticks, Old Fashioned Divinity, Roasted and Salted Pecan Halves, and a Pecan Log.

A Twist On Traditional Valentine's Day Chocolate

Shake up the traditional box of chocolates this year and give a gift from the South with some of our most beloved chocolate treats. Give a gift for him or her with classic crunchy, sweet & salty, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Coated Pecan Clusters. They're chock full of our slow-roasted pecan halves covered in milk chocolate and always packaged in a stunning gold gift tin.

For a scrumptious, decadent treat, give the gift of Southern Colonels, a classic Southern treat comprised of chewy homemade caramel, chunks of fresh pecans, and a mouthwatering milk chocolate covering sure to please your sweetheart's sweet tooth.

If your lovebug loves a nostalgic treat, consider our Pecan Choco-O-Mellows, a handcrafted chocolate bar made by mixing plump, delicious marshmallows with fresh Priester's Pecans, then covering them with milk chocolate. No matter who your Valentine is this year, these chocolate treats made with love are bound to win their hearts.

Healthy Pecan Snacks

Speaking of hearts, we have yours in mind! Whether you're sticking to a New Year's resolution or just prefer to snack smarter, what better way to shower yourself and loved ones with care than by choosing heart-healthy options? Raw pecans are shown to have plenty of health benefits including vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here at Priester's, we hand-select only the best pecans to fill our signature tins of Extra Special Super Mammoth Pecan Halves. Only the best will do when it comes to these classic snacks that we built our name on -- and they're a customer favorite for a reason! Snack on them straight out of the tin, or add to your favorite yogurt parfait, salad, baked goods, and more. Coming in 1lb, 2lb, and multi-pack options, there's no better way to show your care for loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, friends, and more than by offering these delicious, healthy pecan snacks.

If your Valentine is sweet enough themselves -- or you're just watching your sugar -- we've got you covered with our sugar-free pecan candy options too! We've created delicious sugar-free and no-sugar-added recipes for our Mini Pecan Pies and Chocolate Covered Pecans so everyone can enjoy a sweet treat this year.

Valentine's Gifts For Family And Friends

Valentine's Day isn't only for couples. Show your family and friends how much you care by sending a Priester's gift made with love in our Southern kitchen. Close the distance with an assortment like the Southern Delights Sampler filled with Pecan Divinity, Pecan Fiddlesticks, Praline Pecans, Chocolate Covered Pecans, Roasted and Salted Pecans, and a Pecan Log, or our new Classic Southern Treats gift box featuring our famous Pecan Fiddlesticks, Honey Glazed Pecans, an Old-Fashioned Mini Pecan Pie, Divinity, a Pecan Log, Louisiana Praline, and Roasted & Salted Pecan Halves.

Check out more products on our gifts under $35 page like the decadent and hugely popular Louisiana pralines made with the freshest pecans, cream, sugar, and butter. For those who prefer a savory treat, give them the gift of the Supreme Mixed Nuts Tin featuring roasted Macadamia Nuts, Pecans, And Almonds.

Customize Your Priester's Gift

Since you know them best, create a custom gift sampler for your loved one with any three classic nut treats of your choice. Choose from popular picks like Rum Pecans, Pecan Divinity, our famous Fiddlesticks, and more delicious delights! Our traditional red packaging is beautiful and keeps all food as fresh as if you just picked it up from the bakery.

We can also do it all for you! To make gift-giving easier than ever, simply send us your budget requirements and we'll handle the rest.