Delightful Easter Gift Box

SKU: 18893
1 lb. 2 oz.

You won't have to go on an Easter egg hunt for your favorite treats with our Delightful Easter Gift Box. Bursting with an exquisite selection of handpicked goodies, this specially designed gift box captures the essence of Easter.

Indulge in the velvety smoothness of our Divinity, a cloud-like confection that melts in your mouth. Experience the sheer pleasure of our Pecan Fiddlesticks, each crunchy bite offering a delicate balance of buttery richness and the nutty essence of pecans, transporting you to fond memories of sunny picnics in blooming gardens.

The Old-Fashioned Mini Pecan Pie and zesty Key Lime Pecans add a touch of nostalgia and freshness to your Easter celebrations. Mix things up with the Supreme Mixed Nuts and savor the richness of our Milk Chocolate foil Rabbits and Easter Eggs. Complete your indulgence with the Roasted and Salted Pecan Halves, a perfect blend of savory and crunchy goodness.

Let your loved ones experience the magic of springtime with every bite of this exquisite gift box, curated to help you create cherished memories and enhance the Easter spirit.

How did you come up with the selection of candies in the Delightful Easter Gift Box?

Our candy connoisseurs have carefully handpicked each treat, so you can savor a medley of flavors that celebrate the essence of the South.

Can individual items within the Delightful Easter Gift Box be purchased separately?

Yes and no! While most of our delicious pecan treats can be found on our site year-round, our seasonal Milk Chocolate Foil Rabbits and Milk Chocolate Foil Easter Eggs are limited to our Delightful Easter Gift Box.