Lemon Crisp Pecans

Lemon Crisp Pecans

SKU: 17858
1 lb. Bag

Lemon Crisp Flavored Pecans

Our candy kitchen experts have just created a brilliant new lemon flavor to add to our candied pecan collection. For years, flavored pecans have remained a fan favorite overall. But these citrusy sweet Lemon Crisps might be our new number one!

Available On Their Own or in Our Sunny Day Delight Pinwheel

Lemon Crisp Pecans look and taste like springtime. If you're looking for an gift basket stuffer or a seasonal gift, these lemony pecans could be your best bet.

Picked fresh from the farm, we coat our homegrown pecans with just the right amount of frosting. When you crunch down, the crisp pecan flavor and lemony sweetness are a match made in heaven.

At Priester's, we try to make sure you get a practically perfect bite every time. As Alabama's largest gourmet handmade candy company, we do our best to make sure your order is no less than perfect. "Exceptional pecans and customer service is the heart of our business."


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The Best!
Feb 24, 2021  |  By Mrs. J. B.
These sweet and lemony pecans are the BEST! I love all Priesters products, but especially the flavored pecans!