Pecan Oil

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100% PURE VIRGIN PECAN OIL! Everyday more and more people are looking for new ways to cut fat in their diet without compromising the taste of good food. While olive oil is a wonderfully healthy oil to cook with, it can leave a heavy and greasy aftertaste. Cooking with pecan oil leaves no aftertaste and can be seasoned to bring out any flavor that you wish, making it an extremely versatile oil. Pecan oil is lower in saturated fat than olive oil (9.5% monounsaturated fat versus 13.5% in olive oil), neutral in flavor, and has a smoke point of 470 degrees. It may also be used as a butter substitute making it suitable for baking.


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Dec 4, 2022  |  By Linda Richards
I ran across Priester's Pecans on an ad. I have been in their city, but I never seen the sign, till I seen their ad. I am thankful that I seen what they have, but when I seen the pecan oil. I have used Olive Oil, but no store in my area has pecan oil, so I am trying this oil. But I read the reviews, and that has me hooked on it. Thank you, Priester's Pecans. Linda

New oil to cook with
Oct 26, 2018  |  By Debra Perine
Glad I discovered this oil while attending shrimp festival in Gulf Shores. I purchased a small bottle to try, it was absolutely great .

Hard to Find
Jan 9, 2017  |  By Judith Mason
I run a B&B in New York City (Manhattan Brownstone B and B) and I often have to make breakfast for lactose-intolerant guests. I've found pecan oil is usually the best butter substitute for most of my baking but I've never found a place to get it here. Thank heavens for Priester's Pecans!