Say Thanks With Priester's Pecans

It's the start of the "season of giving" and what better way to show appreciation for clients, business colleagues, and employees than with gourmet Priester's Pecans treats. Our products appeal to all tastes and preferences, with favorites like old fashioned pecan pies to nut-free pecan divinity. Expressing gratitude in small ways can leave a great taste, literally, in people's mouths.

Especially with those spending this year's holidays far from family, it's the perfect time to show your work family that you care. Send colleagues and employees a Home For The Holidays Gift Basket to make them feel at home, or order a sweet little something just to say, "thanks for all you've done this year." Here are a few of our favorite food gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Show Appreciation For Your...


As you likely know, employee appreciation gifts can boost loyalty and overall morale. In fact, according to a survey done with Survey Monkey and Bonusly, out of 1,500 respondents, 63% of those who were "always" or "usually" recognized said that they are "very unlikely" to job hunt in the next 3 to 6 months. Now, what to give them?

We recommend a Snack Pack Box for your employees to keep on their desk for a taste of gourmet pecan treats whenever they please. You can also say thanks with a World of Thanks Gift Tub - Roasted & Salted Pecan Halves filled with our traditional Southern pecan snacks and "A World Of Thanks" text on the lid.

With the start of fall, what's better than a themed candy box? Check out our Autumn Splendor Pecan Gift Tin containing our delicious variety of nuts along with a beautifully painted lid. Employees can bring this tin to Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, small holiday gatherings, or keep for their household to enjoy! And if you can't decide on a gift, we offer gift cards to make it easy for employees to shop for their own Priester's delights.


Searching for the perfect client appreciation gift? Whether they've been with you for one year or ten, strengthen your business relationship by giving them a gift basket, assorted box of nuts, pie, or another one of our delicious treats. Celebrate the season with a Deluxe Party Box featuring classic cheese straws, honey glazed pecans, praline sugar pecans, frosted sugar pecans, cinnamon sugar pecans, and more. It's large enough to share with family, friends, and colleagues!

Shop our curated selection of business gifts including our five-star fan favorites. Send some warmth with our Southern Delights Sampler in a signature gold and red gift box. Choose to be unique and share our Chocolate Pecan Pie or Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie with busy parents to help them spend less time in the kitchen on Thanksgiving and other holidays.

For more options, our specialty corporate pecan gifts are beautifully assorted to wow your clients. The options are endless when it comes to our tasty treats, including milk chocolate, pralines, roasted, and salted pecans in our Pecan Variety Pinwheel. Whatever assortment you choose will be packed with flavor and freshness.


Instead of sending an email, send colleagues a delicious treat this holiday season. Especially since most colleagues are only seen over video calls these days, Southern food will be a warm, personal touch to help close the distance. Since you know them well, pick from chocolate-covered pecans, an assortment of all pecan varieties, traditional pies, and more. Send for Thanksgiving to show gratitude, or as a Christmas present to add some cheer to their season.

Don't know where to start? Shop customer favorites including the Pecan Divinity Gift Tin for a traditional and timeless Southern dessert. These pecans are covered with a delicious nougat-like confection including egg white, corn syrup, and sugar. Freshness is guaranteed in every tin. We also offer a non-nut variety for those with food sensitivities.

Order from our collection of gifts under $35 if you're trying to stay within your budget while still giving great presents this year. Each package ensures freshness like it was made at your local bakery. Browse our featured products such as the Customer's Favorite Pecan Candy Trio with handmade Louisiana pralines, pecan divinity, and southern pecan colonels for melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

And Thanks To You For Being Our Customer!

We would be amiss if we did not also thank you for ordering our handmade, classic pecans, pecan pies, nuts, and gourmet products! Priester's Pecans takes pride in delivering high-quality food for all to enjoy since 1935. We send you wishes for a happy, warm, and safe upcoming holiday season.