The Best Corporate Christmas Gifts with Pecans

Whether you prepare months in advance or are a dedicated last-minute shopper, searching for the perfect holiday business gifts can be enough of a hassle to take anyone out of the Christmas spirit. Fortunately, Priester's makes corporate gifting fun and easy, so visions of sugar plums (or should we say pecans?) keep dancing through your head all season long.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to corporate gift ideas is choosing something that is likely to satisfy just about anyone. If you're shopping for a very long list of clients, customers, employees, and other business contacts, you may not know everyone intimately enough to be able to pick out the ideal gift for each recipient. Of course, the holiday season also calls for a certain amount of flair, and you don't want to be known as the company that gave out a dull, boring gift.

Give Pecans as Business Gifts This Holiday Season

Corporate pecan gifts are a great way to make this time of year even more wonderful -- and delicious -- for your business colleagues and associates. There are so many pecan varieties available, from raw, natural pecans to flavored pecans, chocolate pecans, and more. Pecans are also the featured ingredient in some of the yummiest treats and desserts, like Louisiana pralines and old-fashioned pecan pies. Whether your client or employee has a taste for salty snacks or a major sweet tooth, there's a pecan product sure to delight them.

Christmas is also a time for the warmth of home, family, and friends. Here at Priester's, we use only the freshest pecans and finest ingredients in our homemade delicacies. When your business associate or colleague opens their gift and takes that first bite, they'll instantly experience a little taste of the South, no matter where they are. Maybe they'll even rediscover a treat their mom or grandma used to make and relive fond childhood memories of holidays gone by.

Pecans transform corporate gifts, which can often feel impersonal, into something much more meaningful. We have a large selection of gift assortments that bring together many of our most beloved pecan varieties and treats.

Pecan Gifts for Clients and Customers

We don't have to tell you that clients and customers are the lifeblood of your business. The holidays are the perfect time to show these special people how much you appreciate their loyalty and support over the past year. Homemade pecan treats prepared with love and care let clients know you consider them part of your family.

Corporate pecan gift baskets are a nice choice for customers and clients because they include so many favorite snacks and desserts in one mouth-watering package. You also simply can't beat the presentation of a basket or tub overflowing with Southern goodness. Forget Christmas morning -- your recipients will be tearing into these tasty pecan treats as soon as they receive them!

For a hearty dose of Christmas cheer, we recommend our Home for the Holidays Gift Basket. This beautiful basket comes with everything you need to bring joy to their taste buds throughout the season. It includes roasted and salted pecan halves, honey glazed pecans, milk chocolate pecans, crunchy praline pecans, pecan fiddlesticks, Betsy's Classic Cheese Straws, an old-fashioned 5" pecan pie, and a jar of Priester's Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly. If you have a cherished client who has been with you since the beginning, this basket is a worthy Christmas gift.

You should also check out our corporate pecan gift boxes for even more delicious combinations. These boxes are perfect for wrapping, so you can surprise customers with the authentic homemade contents. Why not send friendly holiday tidings with our Southern Greetings Sampler Box? It's filled with gourmet specialties such as pecan fiddlesticks, old-fashioned pecan divinity, honey glazed pecans, milk chocolate pecans, sea salt caramel pecans, ginger snap cookies, and more. The charming, colorful box can also be reused and it makes a wonderful keepsake for this time of year.

Pecan Gifts for Employees

Your employees are there for you and your business through thick and thin, so you need a thoughtful holiday gift that recognizes their tireless contributions. Our corporate pecan gift tins offer plenty of tasty choices to share with your business family at Christmas time. Best of all, the designer tins are like gifts themselves. Each features a unique design your employee will love to add to their collection. They can also be refilled with other snacks throughout the coming year.

Our Pecan Candy Christmas Gift Tin includes a variety of sweet treats in a festive red and gold tin. Your recipient will love snacking on a mixture of roasted and salted pecans, honey glazed pecans, praline sugar pecans, plus a snack mix, and two mini pecan pies. If you have some gourmet nut aficionados among your employees, you can also try our Holly Berry Gift Tin. It includes a delectable combo of roasted and salted mixed nuts, crunchy praline pecans, cinnamon pecans, and milk chocolate covered pecans inside a cheerful red and green tin with a holly berry design.

There are plenty of other options, so be sure to browse our entire selection of pecan gift tins to find the right ones for your corporate gifting needs.

Priester's Corporate Gift Program

Want some help giving your pecan business gifts a personal touch? Our corporate gift program makes it easy! Our corporate gifting experts will help you choose the perfect items within your budget. We can also include personalized greeting cards or letters with your gifts so you can share a special holiday message with everyone in your business family. You can even request a custom-printed tin.

Simply provide us a list of your recipients and we'll make sure all your gifts get where they need to be. As a special service to our corporate gifters, we'll also provide a copy of your gift list next holiday season, so you can easily send new items to all your employees, clients, customers, and other business associates.

We strongly believe that the more you give, the more enjoyable the holiday season becomes. At Priester's Pecans, we want to make sure you can share genuine Southern treats with everyone special in your life during Christmas!