Vidalia Onion Relish

SKU: 7301
2-8 oz
We make sure our Vidalia Onion relish has the perfect amount of "sweet" and just the right amount of "tangy" for those wanting or needing a true taste of the South. Try our delicious relish on home cooked vegetables, or for a unique twist try adding it to your favorite hamburger. Enjoy! Packed 2-8 oz. Jars


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As good as Moms
Dec 3, 2023  |  By Kim
My Mother n law use to can the "BEST" Sweet tomato/onion relish. I was sorry that I failed to get her recipe before we lost her. On a recent visit to your amazing store I spotted this Relish and decided I'd give it a try. Hoping it would be half as good as hers. I couldn't wait to make a pot of pinto beans and try your my DELIGHT and surprise it tasted so much like Moms! I'm so happy I tried your relish...and am ordering 3 more jars today! Thank you for such a delicious product!

Very Good
Jun 24, 2023  |  By DOROTHY JACKSON
This purchase was just a whim. Gave one bottle away, wish now I had been stingy. Tried some on bologna and was hooked. This relish is soooo very good.

Very good sauce
Nov 2, 2021  |  By My favorite
This sauce is very good, I"ve looked and tried different onion sauces, this is the best.