Betsy's Cheese Straws

Betsy's Cheese Straw

It started with a delicious home recipe, and the rest is history.

Founded in 1998 by Betsy Parker and her daughter-in-law, Ashley Parker, Betsy's produces an assortment of gourmet straws and cookies, known for their homemade taste and premium, all-natural ingredients.

It all started in Betsy's kitchen when her son, Bob, suggested selling her yummy straws. Ashley offered to help, and that was all it took to get the ball rolling. Through many experimental batches and much prayer, seven delicious flavors were created along with a lifetime of happy memories.

Years later, Thomas Ellis, of Priester's Pecans, recognized that Priester's and Betsy's had the same commitment to high quality products and customer care which made it a natural choice to take on production of Betsy's Cheese Straws. It is Priester's goal and commitment to continue providing you with excellent gourmet cheese straws, still made with that special homemade taste and premium, all-natural ingredients.

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