Chocolate Pecan Morsels

  • Milk Chocolate Pecan Morsels
    Item #16713
  • $12.99 $4.99
  • White Chocolate Pecan Morsels
    Item #16715
  • $12.99 $4.99
These not-quite-perfect-looking treats are perfectly delicious! Don't let their irregular shape fool you...they taste just right! Makes a perfect topping on ice-cream sundaes. Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate for your snacking delight!


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Great Pecans
Apr 4, 2020  |  By donna blackard
The nuts covered in a not too sweet chocolate were a hit.

Chocolate pieces
Apr 3, 2020  |  By Barbara Lee
Package had more just chocolate, less pecans. Will not purchase this product again.

Good Chocolate
Mar 12, 2020  |  By Joel Phillips
If you like the chocolate, you're going to love these. If you want more of the pecans, then these are not for you.