Make This Mother's Day Special With Pecans, Nuts, And Candies!

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate those special women in your life -- from mothers to grandmothers to any maternal figure and every other female who shows you what unconditional love is. Use this day as an excuse to spoil them!

We here at Priester's Pecans know that a mother is the backbone of every family. She is the silent warrior putting forth the strongest effort to be there through it all. Your mother, guardian, or individual you're celebrating in early May deserves to be treated like a queen.

There is no better thank you or I love you gift quite like a classic Southern treat, nut, or delicacy. This year, show some Southern hospitality with our help. Our wide array of gifting and treat options are sure to show the Mom in your life just how much they mean to you on Mother's Day. Priester's Pecans makes finding gifts for Mom easy and delicious.

For the Moms You Can't Be With on Mother's Day

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with Mother's Day gift ideas, especially for someone who does so much for you. A shirt might not be sentimental enough, a card might not have all the words you want to say, and sometimes flowers just don't last long enough. Instead, get Mom the best gift of all -- food.

Not able to be with them this year? Don't fret! We have plenty of care package options that are sure to say thank you for all you do. Or, take a look at our Mother's Day gift box options that will please everyone. Not to mention, our pecan gift box is a must for every Mom on your list. Priester's Pecans ships to all 50 states, and we're always happy to include a gift greeting on the shipping label.

Nuts For The Mom Who Snacks

Snacking is a must in every household. Whether your Mom has a sweet tooth or a savory craving, our wide array of nut options are sure to please her. Gift her favorite type of nut: macadamia, pistachio, pecan, peanuts -- we have plenty of nut options available. Looking for an overall nutty treat? Our mixed nut options give you the chance to say thank you to your Mom today and every day. If you want to take a more healthy approach to your gifting this year, the health nut snack mix we offer is a wonderful, more healthy alternative to trail mix! Delicious and nutritious.

Baked Goods For A "Homemade" Gift

Baked goods are another wonderful gifting option -- especially at Priester's Pecans, where everything we make is fresh and gives you that homemade feel. Give thanks to your Mom who might be craving a home cooked dish. From pecan pies to fruit cakes, and even key lime cakes and pecans, we have you covered. With the freshest and finest ingredients, your mom is sure to be delighted by these baked goods. Treat your Mom to our many different treat options!

Gifts For The Mom Who Bakes

If your mom loves to bake and you want to give her something other than baking utensils, we have plenty of choices to satisfy any and every baker. Our fresh pecans are a wonderful addition to any bakery item and something you can order in bulk! Our junior mammoth pecan halves come in a two-pound option that is a great gift for your Mom who loves to bake. With a seemingly never-ending supply, your Mom is sure to be happy!

In addition, we have plenty of jelly options to choose from. Whether adding on to a sweet treat or wanting a spread for a nice cheese board or a quick addition to a piece of toast, our jellies are sweet, savory, and some even have a bit of a kick to them. A delicious gift option!

Candied Goodies For Mom

Candies, especially Southern delicacies, are a great way to show your Mom how much she means to you. Our sweet treats are classic, with a delectable array of choices that say I love you in all different shapes and sizes.

Our pecan logs are truly a must-have. With their salty outer shell and chewy nougat center, these are a classic for a reason. Pecan divinities are a delicacy -- when they melt in your mouth, your taste buds are met with nothing short of happiness and delight. With both our pecan fiddlesticks and Louisiana pralines, every Mom and loved one is sure to be pleased by these wonderful candies. A must-buy gift for this Mother's Day!