What Is the Difference Between Pecan Pralines and Praline Pecans?

Praline Pecans

Despite having similar names, a true fan of Southern food knows the difference between pecan pralines and praline pecans. For one, pecan pralines are a patty-shaped candy made from pecans and several other ingredients, typically sugar, butter, and cream. Praline pecans, on the other hand, are individual pecan nuts with a praline-flavored coating. Before you enjoy these mouth-watering snacks, learn more about their differences so you are sure to enjoy them in each of their authentic glory.

What Are Pecan Pralines?

Pralines originated in France, but the European version differs somewhat from the one in the United States. Namely, the original French confection featured almonds instead of pecans. When French settlers moved to the southern U.S., they found few almonds but plenty of pecan trees. They substituted pecans in their recipe while adding cream to thicken the mixture, resulting in a fudge-like candy. Hence the name, pecan praline.

Pecan Pralines cooling on marble slab
Above: Pecan pralines cooling on a marble slab.
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This take on the praline appeared in New Orleans and, from there, spread throughout the South. You'll want to try some traditional Louisiana Pralines to see what all the fuss is about. In fact, these pralines are so iconic in Crescent City that some just call them New Orleans pralines.

What Are Praline Pecans?

If you want to enjoy the unmistakable taste of pralines but aren't quite in the mood for candy, Praline Pecans are a great option. These pecans feature a praline-flavored coating, making them a crunchy -- but no less sweet -- alternative to the thick, chewy praline patty. Praline pecans are perfect for snacking on the go. You may also use them as a flavorful topping on salads, pancakes, or other breakfast dishes.

Praline pecans are carefully sorted in our Alabama Kitchen
Above: Praline pecans are carefully sorted in our Alabama Kitchen

Praline pecans are just one variety of candied pecans. These pecans have a tasty coating or glaze and are also referred to as flavored pecans. Praline aficionados can get their fix with Praline Frosted Pecans or Crunchy Praline Pecans, while other options include Key Lime Pecans, Cinnamon Pecans, and more.

Candied pecans should not be confused with pecan candy, of which pralines are considered just one type. Those who love pralines and chocolate will want to try a Crunchy Praline Pecans Box, which satisfies both cravings in one scrumptious, bite-sized snack. Candied pralines are a delicious must-try, and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Are Praline Pecans Gluten-Free?

All nuts, including pecans, are gluten-free in their raw forms since they're not derived from grains. Gluten is a protein found in grains and many grain-based products. Some people can't process gluten due to a condition known as Celiac Disease. Whether because of Celiac Disease, a similar health concern, or simply personal preference, gluten-free diets are becoming more common. Pure pecans are a convenient and versatile food for those making the transition.

However, just because a food item contains pecans doesn't mean it's necessarily gluten-free. Candied or flavored pecans may sometimes include gluten depending on what ingredients are used to prepare them. Always check the complete ingredients before consuming any nut-based treat.

Relax & Enjoy!

Now that you know the difference between pecan pralines and praline pecans, you can choose whichever one suits your personal taste or occasion. When you need a small, sweet snack to get you through the day, praline-flavored pecans are the munchable choice that's easily within your grasp. Want a special dessert for the holidays that's full of Southern charm? Pralines or pecan candy are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. With whichever you choose, everyone is sure to be satisfied!

You can find a large selection of authentic, homemade praline products right here at Priester's Pecans. Whatever treat you choose, candied pralines of any kind are delicious and a must-try. Discover your new favorite today!

You can find a large selection of authentic, homemade praline products right here at Priester's Pecans. Discover your new favorite today!