The Best Christmas Presents For Candy And Sweets Lovers

With the holiday season right around the corner, leave behind the gifts of the past -- pajamas, cutlery, toys -- and aim for a new kind of gift. We here at Priester's Pecans know just what will fill everyone up with joy this holiday season... our delectable array of nuts, candies, and baked goods! Check out our Christmas Gift section to brainstorm what would be best for your friends and loved ones. Or, keep reading to hear about all of our holiday tasty treats. The most wonderful time of the year deserves to be celebrated with the most wonderful tasty treats!

Christmas Baskets

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, but with our Christmas Baskets, we are here to help make the process a bit easier. Check out our gift basket options to accommodate any gathering size. Or, try out our Festive Favorites Sampler. With six southern treats to choose from, "everyone gathered around your holiday table will be able to grab a handful of something they enjoy." We even have a Sweet Little Southern Gift Basket that, with some southern charm, is sure to please everyone at the table!

Best Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa gifts can always be a bit difficult to shop for -- between finding the perfect present and fitting it into the budget. Take a look at our gifting options, where our Southern Delights Sampler satisfies every sweet tooth and salty craving and is only $26.99. We have gift creation options where you can choose three or six types of pecans or pecan candy items for a more personalized approach! Whether for a family member or a coworker, each item you choose will be wrapped up in our "attractive rooftop gift box" for an easy and delectable gifting option. The stress of secret Santa gifting will be something of the past.

Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas shopping can get quite hectic and take away from the true purpose of the holidays. Instead of getting bogged down with gift checklists and long check-out lines, let us help you curate unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list this year. Stick to our Pecan Candy Christmas gift box, or branch out a bit with our Modern Quilt sampling option. If your loved one has more of a sweet tooth, our perfectly named Customer's Favorite Pecan Candy Trio option is a choice sure to satisfy even the strongest of candy lovers' cravings.

Divinity Candy - A Divine Choice

"Similar to nougat, fudge, and marshmallow" our divinity candy "is a confection made from egg whites, corn syrup, and sugar." Stemming from Turkish and European treats in the 17th century, this candy has a long history. If you are interested in reading more on its background, or how it is made, head to our What is Divinity Candy page where we go in-depth on this fan-favorite delicious sweet treat. We have a Divinity Box option that we know is the perfect sweet confection for everyone. This classic southern treat is a fan favorite for a reason -- take a taste and you will know why! Divinity is a divine choice and will become a holiday staple in your home.

Sugar-Free Candy

Whether for health reasons or just simply to take a break from the sugary treats you are probably eating during the season, check out all of our sugar-free candy options! Milk chocolate halves, fiddlesticks, and even mini pecan pies are some of our sugar-free/no sugar added choices that are not only just as good as the originals -- but a bit healthier, too. Do not let your health restrictions get in the way this holiday season and instead enjoy some sugar-free treats. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Candy Gifts

Tired of the same old gifts year after year? We totally get it. Instead, check out our candy gift ideas! We have your southern favorites: pecan logs, divinity, pralines, and so many more. Not to mention pecan brittle, chocolate-dipped peanuts, and even pecan choc-o-mellows! With so many different candies to choose from, you are sure to make everyone's day a bit sweeter, and avoid a boring gift.

Pecan Christmas Gifts

Did you think that as a pecan company, we at Priester's Pecans would have forgotten to mention the most important Christmas gift of all: pecans? Rest assured that we did not -- we just simply had to save the best for last!

Chestnuts may be roasting by an open fire this holiday season, but the best gift you can give is pecan-related. Check out all of our pecan gifting options that are sure to show those around you just how much you love them. Sweet? Savory? Big? Small? Don't stress! We have any and all to make this holiday season jolly and bright. Let us help you make this holiday season amazing with delicious treats.