Thoughtful Client Gifts From Priester's

In a working world that is ever-changing -- from remote to hybrid to everything in between -- take a moment to send a thoughtful gift to your clients. Giving back to your customers is smart for several reasons: it makes you stand out, it helps grow current and future clients, and it shines a good light on your company. Find the perfect unique gift for your customers at Priester's Pecans!

Gifts For Clients With a Sweet Tooth

A great option to gift clients is a sweet treat -- but instead of generic candy, go for a new approach. Elevate your gift above the basic candy boxes of the past and stand out!

At Priester's Pecans, we know what makes the perfect Southern delicacy -- the mixture of nutty flavors mixed with sweet deliciousness. Some of our must-buy options for your clients include the Customer's Favorite Pecan Candy Trio. Just like its name suggests, this option is a fan favorite and lets your client try pralines, divinities, and colonels, all wrapped up in a classic gold-colored box.

Another selection comes in the form of an economy pack. Show your client some appreciation -- without breaking the bank. Candies and Baked Goods allow you to choose from a plethora of pecan-related delicacies and sweet flavored nuts to ensure your customer gets a customized and tasty treat.

Last but not least, try gifting a classic: Louisiana Pralines. These are a true Southern staple full of plump pecans encapsulated in smooth and creamy flavors that truly melt in your mouth. They are really a special treat!

Gifts For Clients That Prefer Savory Snacks

For a more classic, refined approach, you can always gift a delicious bag or box of nuts. Some options we have available include the Roasted Threesome, Back Country Snack Mix Gift Tin, and the Roasted Mammoth Pecan Halves. These are great for your clients to take home and share with loved ones, or to leave in the office as a tasty treat during long work days.

Nuts are always a thoughtful gift because they are universal -- a classic snack that not only fills you up, but leaves you wanting more. With our hand-crafted, exceptionally tasty pecans, you know your clients will be satisfied with our nut options. Not to mention, we might even secure you a new client -- you never know!

Food Gift Boxes For Clients

Figuring out your client's preference, whether sweet or salty, can be difficult. Instead of worrying about what they love to snack on, we here at Priester's Pecans have the perfect option for you: gift boxes!

Within our gift boxes, you can find a mixture of sweet candies and savory nuts which make for the perfect blend of flavors. The Southern Delights Sampler gives your clients a taste of Southern charm with pecan divinities, fiddlesticks, pralines, and more. This box is full of our classic delicacies that are sure to make your clients say "WOW!"

Another great option is our Signature Gift Box. Known for its collection of our most popular treats, this box includes roasted & salted pecan halves, frosted pecans, and Louisiana pralines, and in the warmer season substitute certain items for milk chocolate pecans and pecan clusters. We also recommend our Snack Pack Box as it is full of salty and sweet nuts and delicious Southern candies, and it allows your client to try ten amazing treats we know they will love.

Make your life easier with a gift box and have your clients sing your praises in no time!

Handmade Gift Options

There is something so special about a handmade pie, something that takes hours to create and tons of ingredients to include. Instead of making something at your own home, let us help you from our kitchen! Show your clients some love with our Old-Fashioned Pecan Pies, or take a smaller approach with our Mini Pecan Pies. These pies are divine, a Southern staple that has been loved for generations. Or, if you want to take a different approach, our Key Lime Cake is just what you need. Sweet, tangy, and universally loved.

Corporate Gifts from Priester's Pecans

Whatever you may choose, let us here at Priester's help you find the perfect gifting options for your clients that are thoughtful, tasty, and relationship-building. Plus, we have a dedicated Corporate Gifting team to make your ordering process seamless. From custom tins to bulk discounts, our corporate gifting program is here to make your life easier and bring joy to your customers and clients. Order today!