What Are The Different Types Of Pecans Available?

There are so many different types of pecans you can buy it's almost hard to keep track of all of them! If you have a sweet tooth, our chocolate pecans are a perfect choice. Or, we have roasted salted pecans for more of a savory flavor. We also have unflavored pecans that are equally delicious!

No matter what kind of pecan you are looking for, whether for snacking, baking, or gifting, Priester's Pecans has exactly what you are looking for. Since there are so many different types of pecans and so much you can do with them, we put together a quick list of some of the pecans we offer and what you can do with each delicious option!

Pecan Halves For Snacking

Are you looking for some tasty snack options? Look no further than our pecan halves! Nuts are not only full of different vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthy, but they also make delicious bite-sized snacks you can grab a handful of the next time you need something to munch on.

Our pecan halves make the perfect snack. From all-natural pecan halves to flavored pecan halves, you can't go wrong with any of our selections. The Natural Mammoth Halves Bag comes in both one-pound and three-pound options full of pecans that are unseasoned for when you just want some regular, tasty pecans.

If you are looking for something with a little more sweetness, we have a variety of different flavored pecans to choose from! With frosted pecans, honey-glazed pecans, and more, these candied pecans are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth and share with friends or family.

Pecan Pieces For Baking

Pecan pieces may be small, but they are packed full of delicious flavor! They are perfect for baking into a pecan-filled treat. Our pecan pieces are available either natural or with a touch of sweetness or salt. Flavored pecan pieces will make the perfect addition to the top of your ice cream sundae or cake!

The pecan pieces Priester's Pecans has are often included in the baked good recipes we feature, like the Toasted Pecan Toffee Cookie Recipe. The pecan pieces are small enough to not overpower the cookie, cake, or pie you are making, but will still be infused into every single bite you take. Check out all our other recipes, from cakes and cookies to salads and pasta!

Who Doesn't Love A Good Pecan Treat?

Pecans are heart-healthy nuts, so you can feel good about eating one of our sweet pecan treats. Preister's Pecans has pecan baked goods and candy that make the perfect after-dinner treat or afternoon pick-me-up. If you have a sweet tooth, don't worry -- we've got you covered!

Our pecan candies, like the Priester's pralines or our sugar-free candy options, are delicious and packed full of sweet flavor and pecans. We also have a variety of different pecan baked goods, like cookies, pies, and more. No matter what kind of sweet treat is your favorite, we have something you, your family and friends, and your body will be sure to enjoy!

Pecans For All Occasions

Pecans are our favorite nut for a reason. Not only are they healthy and delicious, but they come in so many different sizes and flavors, there is nothing you can't do with them!

Priester's Pecans has a wide assortment that features every kind of pecan you could want. Whether you are looking for a tasty snack, baked goods, or a gift to send to a friend, you can't go wrong with anything from Priester's Pecans. Shop today to find your new favorite snack!