Pecans: The Gift of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is an amazing time to reflect on all that you are thankful for. With friends, family, and loved ones, the food you have is important to the company you share it with. Priester's Pecans has a long list of recipes for your holiday celebrations this year, with traditional thanksgiving dinner options and tasty dessert choices. Popular thanksgiving dishes are a must, and we are here to help!

Your Next Thanksgiving Party

It has now shifted from summer to fall. Although the weather is still warm, the beginning of autumn indicates the soon-to-be-present holiday season. While you plan out your Halloween costumes and begin your candy collection, make sure to get ahead on Thanksgiving planning this year. A Thanksgiving party is more than a dinner -- it is a celebration of all the good in our lives.

Having time to be thoughtful and reflect with friends, family and loved ones calls for the best food for everyone to share. The food you have is important to the company you celebrate it with, so make sure you are preparing the best options you can. We here at Priester's Pecans know just how important meals like Thanksgiving dinner are, and want to help you with different dish options, recipes, and of course, a wide array of pecan-related treats.

Keep reading for some help with your Thanksgiving dinner and dessert options, each a delicious and wonderful choice for the holiday.

Popular Thanksgiving Dishes

What actually constitutes a popular dish? For Thanksgiving food, it is truly a never-ending list. You have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner where everyone enjoys turkey, stuffing, pecan pie, and every side everyone knows and loves. There is also a certain comfort in fall-related food options. From apple muffins to biscuits, we have a recipe for every one of your traditional or even quirky family options.

Not interested in the traditional turkey dinner or perhaps cooking for a smaller group this year? Do not stress! Instead, you can opt for a chicken option: an apple-pecan stuffed chicken breast or pecan crunch chicken. There are so many alternatives to choose from. Whether they are popular Thanksgiving dishes or not, each will help celebrate your gratefulness with a full stomach.

Thanksgiving Desserts: Cookies and Cakes

You can not have a whole thanksgiving dinner without some tasty desserts. From thanksgiving cookies to thanksgiving cake, we can help. Want something sweet? Check out our recipes for apple pecan muffins, pecan pie, nutty apple bread, classic pecan pie bars, or even our pumpkin cheesecake with caramelized pecan topping. Help feed a big crowd, or a small one, with our wide array of recipe options.

For traditionalists, take a look at a fan favorite pumpkin pie recipe. Or change from the norm and try our pecan pie cake that is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth! Whatever route you choose to take, Thanksgiving desserts are a must for your celebrations this year and we are here to help you with fresh and delicious ingredients for all the desserts you bake.

Priester's Makes Thanksgiving Better

Whether you are celebrating with a honey-baked ham Thanksgiving dinner or just enjoying a pecan pie with friends, we at Priester's want to make your holiday the best it can be. Food comes second to your company, but it is still important. You can follow any of our recipes online, or test out our delicious treats with your own. We have plenty of candy, baked goods, and of course nut options.

If you are heading to someone else's for your celebrations, check out our gifting options. As "a feast for the eyes, your nose, and your palette" our different food options can help add to your family recipes or bring new recipes to the mix. We are thankful for all of you this holiday season and look forward to seeing all of the delicious items you make and share for Thanksgiving dinner during this holiday season. Check out our website for all the recipes, pecan items, and shipping needs to celebrate this Thanksgiving with.