What Makes a Perfect Pecan?

How does Priesters pick the best pecans? We're a family business, having devoted our lives to shelling the perfect pecan since the 1930's. Today, we work with only the finest and most dedicated pecan shellers here in Alabama and Georgia. They harvest our pecans when the aroma and ripeness is just right. We've also devoted many years in creating dozens of original mouth-watering family desserts made from time, and taste-tested, recipes. Because our desserts are such a success, we can honestly say it's from using only the very best pecans. The difference between an ordinary pecan and a Priester's pecan is in the timing of the harvest and proper storage. Having been in the pecan business for so long, we can help you to choose how to pick the best pecans. Here in Alabama, home of Priester's, the locals pronounce it "puh-kahn."

So you ask, what is a perfect "puh-kahn?" Why is it so important in creating such delicious pre-baked desserts and pecan candies? First of all, it takes a fresh pecan, a Priester's pecan.

"If you buy pecans in November, which is around harvest time, you can make a distinction by the color of the pecan as to whether it's just been harvested, or is left over from last year. We recommend that you buy pecans from a company that specializes in nuts." said Thomas Ellis, co-owner of Priester's.

perfect-pecans-ribbon And here's why. In selecting the best nuts after harvest in November, only heavy-meated, bright-colored, solid-to-the-hands pecans are hand-picked by the Priester's staff. Next, they're properly stored at -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

SHOPPING TIP: To identify which pecans are fresh and which are likely to ruin your recipe, beware of pecans where the meat is dark red in color. These are likely to quickly become rancid and are probably left-over from last year.

Because Priester's is a nut-specialty company, our reputation is on the line. Having built the company through large wholesale purchases to national restaurants and other baking chains, Priester's is well known in the food service community for supplying quality pecans.

"A better pecan is heavy-meated. It's bright, golden in color, and feels solid to the hands. Rancidity means it's poorly stored. If it's dark, or dark red that means it's not been properly stored at -10 degrees Fahrenheit. That's how cold we store all our pecans after the harvest," said Thomas.

We hope guide this helps you to decide where to buy your pecans from. Our pecans are carefully tended to, harvested when ripe and then hand selected. Pecans are our life. We love them and hope that you'll try our pecans because we think they're the best you can find. That's why we'd like to invite you to try a batch of Priester's pecans for your recipes or snacks today.


Thomas Ellis and Ellen Ellis Burkett, Co-Owners

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