Priester's Kitchen Secrets Revealed

Welcome to Priester's Kitchen of Wonders

As a family of bakers and candy makers, Priester's Pecans takes great pride in the freshness, aroma, and flavor of our pecans. Only the very best go into your desserts, snacks and candies. That's why we've decided to invite you into our kitchen for a tour of our facilities. Just like visitors to our retail stores can watch our bakers and cooks creating mouth-watering works of delicious art, we'd like to offer you, the online shopper, the opportunity to enjoy that same pleasurable experience. It's that famous Southern hospitality now available online!

Sir and Madam, right this way please...

gallery-sign-1 One November night a few years back, our store was burned to the ground. In our struggle to rebuild a new store, one to better serve you, a features we decided to incorporate was the ability of our retail store shoppers to watch our candy makers and bakers in action. So we built a viewing gallery overlooking our advanced kitchen. You may see chocolates being enrobed, divinity and fudge being dipped, pecan logs being rolled in caramel and cakes, pies and brownies being baked.

Please come into our kitchen

Below you'll see where we make our famous Fiddlesticks. First we select our best quality pecan pieces, sorting and sifting the pecans until they're level in their baking sheets. Then comes the chocolate covering. When dry, Fiddlesticks are sliced and packaged either by themselves or in other fine Priester's pecan products such as our popular Southern Delights Sampler


To your left is the view to our kitchen where we make our pecan candies. Our skilled bakers are sorting the pecans for only the freshest, plumpest pecan halves become candy. It's important that the pecans are evenly spaced. This allows the chocolate to properly cover the entire pecan. Essentially, this is a conveyor belt and the pecans are conveyed under a "river" of chocolate. Here they're getting pecans ready to be enrobed in white chocolate. This our Chocolate Room. Can you smell it already?

Thank you for visiting with us

We hope you've enjoyed your virtual tour of our kitchen. If you're ever in Fort Deposit, Alabama, or Perry, Georgia, please stop in and say hello. We'll be sure to give you a warm Southern welcome. Click this link for Directions to our Retail Stores .