Southern Treats to Gift for Easter

Easter will be here soon for you and your loved ones to celebrate. To get into the spirit of the season, we here at Priester's Pecans are looking to help you commemorate the joy of Easter and the spring season overall. Instead of worrying about what to bring, gift, or have around the house, keep reading for a list of our delicious treats and gifting options. Don't let the hassle of bringing a gift with you hinder your Easter -- let us make it easy for you!

Pecan Easter Candy

When it comes to Southern delicacies, pecans are always a must -- and a trusty choice. From a sweet treat to a salty one, these tasty nuts are just what you need to bring to your Easter celebrations or have ready for your guests at your home!

For pecan Easter candy options, we have plenty. A Traditional Pecan Log or Pecan Divinity is always a safe bet -- wildly beloved and always enticing. A caramel pecan candy option like Pecan Fiddlesticks is also delicious, with its sweet and savory mixture that is sure to melt in your mouth. For a longer list of our pecan candies to have for Easter, check out our website. No matter which you choose, you truly cannot go wrong as they are all delicious and timeless.

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is a wonderful holiday to celebrate with family. It is also a great way to tell when spring is beginning -- and with spring comes new growth, the sound of birds, and lots of warm sunshine. The Priester's Yellowhammer Gift Tin is a great Easter gifting option that brings the fresh feelings of springtime into your holiday.

Given its expansive assortment of nuts, our Pecan Delight Gift Box is the perfect choice for your loved ones. With "a premium assortment of pecans including roasted and salted pecan halves, praline pecans, key lime pecans, and frosted pecans" you might have a hard time picking your favorite -- or sharing this gift with others. Another great Easter gift box idea is the Southern Greetings Sampler Box, a 2 lbs. 9 oz. filled with gourmet pecan treats.

Easter Goodies

For household treats, Salted Caramel Pecans are a great snack to have out for guests during the holiday as they are both salty and sweet, creating a heavenly taste with every bite. If you want a more spring-like flavor, try our new Lemon Crisp Pecans. With the taste of our beloved pecans mixed with a tangy lemon outer covering, we know that these will be a hit. Or, go the classic route with an order of Honey Glazed Mammoth Pieces that serve as a great midday snack.

If you are looking to add treats to your own homemade Easter basket, look into our coffee options, like Priester's Pecans Private Blend or the Fiddlesticks blend. We also offer a number of baked goods that are Southern musts and a wonderful addition to any Easter basket.

Pecan Easter Eggs

If you are looking to take a more homemade approach to your Easter goodies, pecan Easter eggs are a delicious answer. Whether you look up a recipe or make it more personalized by winging it on your own, you'll find the most delicious pecans here at Priester's. Our nuts range from raw to sweet to savory -- any of which can be dipped in caramel and chocolate to create a caramel pecan Easter egg. Making your own pecan eggs Easter candy is sure to wow your family and guests and is a great addition to any Easter tradition.