Guide to Traditional Southern Candies - What's the History of Traditional Southern Candy?

After most meals in Southern homes, it's wise to save room for dessert. If you're not indulging in an Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with some Southern candy. Many outstanding confections originate from the South. For those of us familiar with Southern traditions, these candies will remind you of holidays at home and picnics in the park. Meanwhile, those new to southern-style candy should be prepared to develop an instant affinity for these delicious, sugary sweets.

In many southern candied pecans are key ingredients. At Priester's, our pecan pralines, divinity, and more are made by hand using choice natural ingredients. With a long-standing tradition of excellence, candy makers in the South can expertly ignite a sense of nostalgia the moment these treats touch your tongue.

Read on to learn more about classic Southern candies, including their origins, how they're made and what makes them such a favorite in households across the South. Inspire your next sugar rush with Priester's!

Southern Candy: Louisiana Pecan Pralines

Louisiana Pralines are an irresistible Southern delicacy made from pecans, sugar, and dairy. While pecans have an interesting history that's uniquely American, the origins of the praline date back to 17th century France. The first pralines were crafted from sugared almonds. When French settlers brought the recipe to the United States, they substituted pecans and added cream to thicken the mixture, resulting in a fudge-like candy. This take on the praline appeared in New Orleans and spread from there throughout the South. In fact, this Southern candy is so iconic in the Crescent City that some just call them New Orleans pralines.

Priester's Pecan Pralines are cooked in small batches with the freshest ingredients and loads of pecans, then dipped by hand for a melt-in-your-mouth goodness that can't be beat. For the same great flavor in a slightly different form, Priester's Crunchy Praline Pecans are glazed with homemade praline crumbles resulting in a truly delicious taste of the South.

Southern Traditions & Pecan Divinity

A homegrown favorite, Pecan Divinity was created right here in the United States in the early 20th century. Similar to Turkish Delight and other nougat/meringue-type candies, divinity is made by cooking sugar syrup until firm then beating whisked egg whites into it. Many believe that the name of this Southern confection is derived from how it tastes --"divine!"

One of the primary ingredients in divinity is corn syrup, and the southern-style candy's emergence largely coincided with the rise in popularity of the ingredient. In fact, a recipe for divinity was included in an early 1900s cooking brochure published by Karo, one of the leading corn syrup brands.

Divinity is a Southern staple at Christmas and year-round. For the most authentic Southern quality and taste every time, leave it to the experts at Priester's. Each batch of Priester's Pecan Divinity is made in our kitchen in accordance with our traditional recipes. Creamy smooth, hand-dipped, and loaded with the finest pecan pieces, this Southern delicacy is truly one of the specialties of the house. Plus, our No Nut Divinity has the same delicious flavor sure to please divinity lovers around the country.

More Southern Candies

For chocolate lovers in the South and beyond, Priester's Southern Colonels taste just like they did when you were a kid. We take our chewy, homemade caramel, load it with chunks of fresh pecan pieces and cover it all in a thick coat of creamy milk chocolate. Our Chocolate Toasted Pecan Clusters are a yummy cluster of sheer delight in the form of milk chocolate and freshly toasted pecan pieces.

Mix it up with milk chocolate, fresh plump marshmallows, and Priester's finest pecans -- all hand-mixed and poured into bars to create Pecan Choc-O-Mellows. Or, try three of the world's favorite flavors combined. To make Pecan Fiddlesticks, we form pure milk chocolate, homemade caramel, and fresh pecan pieces into the perfect "fiddlestick" shape for your eating enjoyment.

Our Traditional Pecan Logs have a creamy smooth nougat center sprinkled with cherries, dipped in homemade caramel, and rolled in fresh pecan pieces. A twist on a classic, Priester's Pecan Brittle features crunchy pecans in a delicious, buttery syrup. Pecan brittle is great for sharing, gifting, or keeping for yourself because it's just too good! Everyone will be begging for more of these sweet snacks.

With countless options from which to choose, maybe you just can't decide! Never fear, Priester's Favorite Pecan Candy Gift Box includes Louisiana Pralines, Pecan Divinity, and Southern Pecan Colonels. Remember to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives for help selecting the best Southern candies for any occasion.