1 Pound  Bags
  • Roasted Salted Almonds Bag

    4.8 star rating
    Our delicious and healthy almonds are perfectly roasted and lightly salted, ready for you to enjoy! Packaged in a...
  • The Good Stuff Snack Mix

    5 star rating
    A sweet and spicy blend of perfectly roasted pecans, honey glazed pecans, seasoned oyster crackers, roasted pumpkin...
  • $17.99
    Our Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Pecan Halves are so satisfying and delicious. They taste just as good as the originals...
  • $14.99
    A great back-country snack, with a fiery blend of cajun spices and Priester's fresh roasted nuts! Packaged in a...
  • $16.99
    Our Sugar Free White Chocolate Pecan halves are so satisfying and delicious. They taste just as good as the originals...
  • $14.99
    We take our roasted pecan halves and coat them with milk chocolate for a deliciously superb treat! The best...
  • Sale

    Crunchy Praline Morsels

    4.6 star rating
    $12.99 $7.99
    Priester's Crunchy Praline Morsels are deliciously crunchy and sweet. This homemade praline crumble is a truly...
  • Sale
    $15.99 $8.99
    These farm-fresh pecan pieces are perfectly roasted and lightly salted and make for a great flavorful snack or use...
  • Sale
    As the saying goes, two are better than one! We accidentally created something absolutely delicious and hope you...
  • $7.99
    Our Redskin peanuts are gently roasted in peanut oil and then lightly salted to perfection. These delicious redskin...
  • Sale
    These not-quite-perfect-looking treats are perfectly delicious! Don't let their irregular shape fool you...they taste...
  • New

    Lemon Crisp Pecans

    5 star rating
    Our candy kitchen experts created a delicious new addition to our popular candied pecans! We hope you will enjoy an...
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We offer 1 lb. bags of our most popular nuts for your enjoyment convenience. They provide enough to share with friends, keep to yourself, or include in a recipe. At our low prices, they're also a tremendous value you won't want to miss. Stock up on your favorite pecans, cashews, macadamias, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and more. Make them part of the menu at your next holiday party, tailgate, or a simple get-together. Treat your loved ones to traditional handheld snacks like mammoth pecan halves and roasted salted cashews. Or give them something unexpected such as white chocolate covered pecans and our back-country snack mix. Best of all, our bags are resealable, meaning you can save some of that Southern goodness for later without losing freshness!