Blue Ribbon Challenge: Pecan Recipe Contest

Homemade Pecan Recipe Ideas - What's Yours?


This wonderful little girl came into our retail store and gave us her very own dessert recipe using Priester's Pecans. Because of this flattering gesture, Priester's would like to invite everyone to contribute a delicious recipe using Priester's Pecans to our Blue Ribbon Challenge. Send us your favorite dessert, salad, entrée or appetizer recipe made with Priester's pecans.


Fine Fresh Crop In the Shell Pecans >
Fine Fresh Crop In the Shell Pecans are the best in years!


Fancy Natural Pecan Halves >
Choose from Mammoth or Medium Economy Packs.


Fancy Pecan Pieces >
Choose from Small, Medium, Large or Mammoth Pecan Pieces value packages.


Fancy Roasted and Salted Pecan Halves >
Mammoth pecan halves roasted and lightly salted to perfection.