Show You Care With Priester's Pecans

It may be hard to believe that it is already November. With many parts of the country already seeing snow, the holiday season is well underway! Use our seasonal guide below for some quick ideas to make holiday shopping easy and delicious this holiday season.

Send Love And Seasonal Wishes With:

Family Candy Gift Baskets

As a family-owned and operated company, Preisters knows just how important family is. Sadly, we may not be able to be with all of our loved ones this year. While you may not be able to have your family's homemade favorites, we are proud to share some of ours.

Bring back beloved childhood memories with candy gift baskets, such as our customer favorites pecan candy trio. This candy gift box features melt in your mouth Louisiana pralines, traditional Southern pecan divinity and Southern Colonials (milk chocolate with pecans and caramel).

If you are able to see family, how wonderful! Focus on quality time, and make this holiday extra sweet with our best candy gift baskets. Packaged in clear, stay-fresh bags, our economy candy packs are the perfect all-season-long solution. Get a little something for everyone -- tangy & sweet key lime pecans, pecan choc-o-mellows and more!

Don't forget to say thank you with a host family gift. One of our favorite ideas is to give them everything they need for an easy post-holiday breakfast. After a long few days of hosting, sitting down to fresh coffee and toast with a delicious jam is sure to be appealing. If pancakes are more their style, our roasted pecan syrup is both easy and festive.

Employees & Client Goodie Gift Baskets

Now more than ever, show everyone you work with how thankful you are for their partnership, support, and all that they do at work. We offer a full list of corporate gift baskets ideas, but you really cannot go wrong with our Southern Greeting Sampler box. Featuring both savory and sweet items in a beautiful gift box designed by one of our local artists, it is sure to impress.

Make this the year you thank more than just your work best friend and send everyone a little something without spending too much with our gifts under $35. Choose candy, cake, signature nuts and many more giftable goodies.

Care Packages And Holiday Party Gifts For Friends

Much like family, we may not get to see all our friends this holiday season. Let them know you miss them with a care package. Our baker's delight box contains six different scrumptious southern and seasonal desserts. Classic and chocolate pecan pie, ginger snaps, and much more are sure to warm their heart while tempting their stomach.

For friends you celebrate with in person, bring a holiday party gift to really make the occasion. Party snacks are always a fun addition, and a holiday gift for any host. Another great holiday party gift idea is to offer to take dessert-making off their plate. With our delightful selection of cakes and pies, any party is sure to be glad you came.

Shop All Delicious Holiday Gifts Baskets And Treats!

Priester's Pecans hopes that you and all of your family, friends, co-workers, and more have a wonderful holiday season. If you need more inspiration, check out all our holiday ideas. Thank you for making our family a part of your holidays!